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Vytality Health. Be a hero in someone's health story.
Love Performs. Love in action.

In pursuit of virtuosity

Hobbies. "Just about about any rigorous training changes how you see the world."

When I was sixteen, I told my parents that I would apply to music school in NYC. This was because of two amazing summers I spent at a classical music festival in the south, living like a piano conservatory student.

I didn't end up becoming a classical musician. But I realized that what inspired me was hearing fellow musicians in concert, then walking out into the night and feeling the sky move over the earth. The daily things would fall away, as I was moved by the rhythm of the universe and the people who had reached for it during that hour or so.

Live performance

While my young concert pianist days are over, I'm studying tabla with the son of a renown master. I'm always down to see a show, from SFJazzCenter, San Francisco Symphony to Revolution Cafe. I have also organized world-class live events like TEDxBushwick.


I am completing a series of 50 paintings. This is painting #1.

She is the light When ego is quiet Of unbearable compassion | She is the sound Of everyone around Of everything that is still | She is the light When ego is quiet Of unbearable compassion | She is she.


My path has taken me from psychology to technology, with the heart of an artist. It is super fun to build stuff!

I'm learning data science at The Data Incubator and web development and hardware at MEDA's Mission Techies program. Both courses are a chance to meet people I might otherwise have never met. MEDA (Mission Economic Development Agency) is a nonprofit in SF with smart, caring counselors who help the community with job searches, business, housing, and finances. It's an incredible place that feels like home.

While working alone is very meaningful - with other people, it's a new, amazing level of meaning. And humbling. I suffered a brain injury several years ago that causes me to skip over and miss characters as I look and type. Helps to have people look and fix my errors!

What's next: Writing and Travel

In whatever I do, I strive to see and know the larger picture. My Medium blog, Wordpress blog and YouTube are about entrepreneurship, politics, and life. I have lots to write about as a global community builder. My digital health startup Vytality Health serves families separated by an ocean; so, I am traveling to learn about them. And, I love having an excuse to visit some amazing places:
  1. Manila, Philippines
  2. Auckland, Australia
  3. Shanghai, China
  4. Calcutta, India
  5. Dubai, UAE
  6. Cairo, Egypt
  7. Seoul, Korea
  8. Rejkavic, Iceland
  9. Geneva, Switzerland
  10. London, England

I'm hungry

Not just for life; for good food, too. Yet, I hate preparing food. As an organizer at Burning Man, I cried in the kitchen when asked to make meals. I cried and made grilled cheese sandwiches, while everyone smiled eating them. Anyone who loves me will make these for me:

BTW, say hi to my family's pug, Sophie Aguhob!

minda+sophie the pug
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